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need feedback: SF Open Studios in OCT [Jun. 15th, 2008|08:49 pm]
Bay Area Arts
I was looking for some input on the Open Studios that take place in October.

I currently use a room in my apartment for my studio. How common is this in the Open Studio event? I know there are a lot of the ‘group studios’ out there like Art Explosion in the Mission.

Do people really go to the ‘house-studios’ on the map? Or do they stick to the larger group studios?

If you are someone that has used your home-studio in the past, how many visitors / day has been your experience? [I’m in the Mission, btw]

More generally, I was wondering about the walk-thru compared to the amount of work you’ve sold. Meaning, has the event fee been worth it?

Any other input you might have would be appreciated. thanx.